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Wadhayes Farm Self-Catering

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Welcome to Wadhayes - a small family run working farm

A very warm welcome to Wadhayes Farm. This is a small family run hill farm of approximately 80 acres, with a further 20 acres of woodland. The land is too steep, wet and rocky to produce any grain crops, so it is purely for livestock breeding, with hay and silage produced during the summer months to store and feed the animals over the winter months.

As you arrive you will probably be greeted by Sky, our farm dog.


Rosie the farm dog


Ruby Red Devons

Ruby Red Devons

Previously this was a dairy farm, with Friesian (black and white) cows for milk production. More recently we have chosen to give up the dairy herd and run a herd of Single Suckled Ruby Red Devons. These are the traditional cattle for this area and up until the 1950s all the dairy herds in this area were Ruby Red Devons, with their distinctive red coats, shorter legs and gentle personality.

Suffolk cross Mule sheep


We also keep a relatively small flock of Suffolk cross Mule sheep. We aim for them to lamb in spring and then rear on the lambs to be sold later in the year. We do shear our sheep yearly. However there is no profit to be made from their fleece.


Warren hens

We have a dozen hens known as 'Warrens'. They have a hen-house with nest boxes attached where they lay their eggs. The hens are free to roam within a fenced area and return to the hen-house at dusk when they are shut in for the night.